Grocery eCommerce

Product Designer
UX and Visual Design

September 2016 – May 2017
We have reimagined the brand new Carrefour Supermarket eCommerce, making of the product the main attraction of the site and creating the best experience in the sector.

We worked for a year along with Carrefour business, marketing and development teams to create an eCommerce experience that fits equally in the client and user needs.


From Information Arquitecture and Strategy to Implementation, we manufactured every detail of this eCommerce that contains more than 40.000 different products distributed in more than 300 categories.

Users ar now able to navigate faster and easier than ever through simple and structured new categories that allow them to find the products they are looking for only within a few clicks.

The result has reduced the shopping time by half in comparison to the main competition in the industry and has made finding the products and creating shopping lists easy and pleasurable.


Basing our Interface Design in Atomic Design principles allowed us to build every page with the least components possible. We provided a solid Design System and guidelines, along with icons, illustrations and photographs in order to make our consistency endurable.

Through landing pages to checkout, we have created a branded, engagement experience to Carrefour Supermarket, loading the site with quality content and making it fully responsive and accessible.


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