Wine eCommerce

Product Designer
UX and Visual Design

May 2017 – July 2017
We designed the brand new online wine store for Carrefour Spain, from Design Thinking to Web Development. Every landing has been carefully created to bring the best enology navigating and learning experience.

The world of wine is a complex and luxurious subject. When we started working on Carrefour Bodega our goal was to make the user become an expert while navigating the site and create a premium beutiful experience.


We defined the user’s discovery of more than 1500 different wines with a solid and clear Information Architecture and a Content Strategy that provides relevant and quality information for every product and related ones. Among other features it pairs food and wine cellars.

For this purpose we also created specific landing pages for every Appellation of origin, grape, producer and more.


We created a brand new premium look and feel to make the experience even better. We took care of every detail and created beautiful interfaces, where photography is the most relevant actor along with typography and together they bring editorial format alive in every interaction.

We strongly believe in Design Systems as a way to create consistency throughout our products. This is the reason why we based our Interface Design in Atomic Principles and provided an extensive Design System that covers every need, so our Design could endure time.

Our System also incluides our own icons, illustrations and photographs, providing the complete Art Direction, Visual Design and Content Strategy of the site.

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