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Hackathon Inditex, 2017
Inditex / South Summit / Ironhack – Machiina

We participated in the first Ironhack’s Hackathon in Madrid organized with Inditex and South Summit as partners. The objetive was to create solutions for the issues that Inditex was dealing with in 24h, non–stop.

In that time, we made a proposal based on research, strategy, UX wireframes, Visual Design and Front-End Development.

We presented a complex solution for the entire Service Design. First, we proposed a smart fitting room where you can get scanned and associate that scan with your Inditex account, so anytime an user shops online, the systems presents the perfect item size to assure a perfect fitting.

Even if a user hasn’t been scanned it is possible to shop via app or eCommerce. The client will have the opportunity to try on the items selected to purchase before actually paying them. It will be required to set an appointment selecting a store where the items will be ready for the clients to try them on at the selected time.

Made with 🍑 in Madrid