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Machiina Website, 2017 – machiina.com/

Machiina is a consultancy firm specialized in Product and Service Design. We create products from scratch to fully functional sites.

As a small sized studio, branding is an essential part of marketing and business development. A good branding strategy allows the company to promote effectively what we do and how we do it. That was the main objective of Machiina’s rebranding and site redesign.

We needed a web as good as the work we made for others, so the Content Strategy, UX, Art Direction and Interface Design was designed for the users to be able to navigate intuitively through our projects, career opportunities and blog posts.
Machiina Insights is a side project where we create relevant content about our sector: trends, tutorials, thoughts and many more. And we have made a huge effort to make it awesome.

I used Atomic Design to create a consistent, reusable and modern Design System for Machiina’s Visual Design. Using Sketch’s Library combined with Abstract we found a perfect match to develop our product without any risk of inconsistency.

From the most basic elements such as colors and icons to the most complex artboards, everything is carefully pixel perfect designed to fit at every scenario. This detailed oriented design does not only include the site but also other materials like visiting cards, project proposals, advertisement campaigns, social media artworks, etc.

Made with 🍑 in Madrid